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  • All the questions with time-stamps (btw let me know if I forgot to include any links in the video)!

    Chris Prester 00:00
    Hi Anthony, what are your thoughts on keeping a 1:1 ratio on vertical/horizontal push/pull exercises? So for instance, for every vertical pushing exercise you should do a vertical pull, and for every horizontal push you should do a horizontal pull. I notice that, at least in the past, your programs were not necessarily structured this way and you were heavy on the pushups.

    Tahfif Tusila 01:34
    Mr Anthony, i cant find spot for uphill sprint in my neigborhood, could I just sprint in flat surface? or just alternate jumping lunges and plyo burpes?

    Vegeta 03:00
    Is including rings in workouts necessary or will normal bar work and other stuff be optimal for an average calisthenic practitioner

    TheGinny18 04:38
    How do I handle other kind of sports in my training program, like swimming and some sort of fight sports? And need women more time to build muscle?

    Darren Rees 06:57
    Hi Anthony, just wanted to ask how you adjust your training program when you are looking to lose weight and eating at a calorie deficit. Do you lower the sets or train less overall? Thanks

    Jonathan Pleban 09:31

    Hi Anthony, just curious, what do you think of animal flow style training? I've been following a program called Movement 20XX, which uses animal and other natural movements as part of the training. I enjoy the variety in how I am working my muscles, but I'm not sure how optimal it is for building muscle.

    Chris Tomlin 11:00
    How diverse should my exercise regime be in the beginning. I've been doing it for about 3 months and see great gains. I do pull ups, chin ups, dips and stomach leg raises. I also mix and do press ups and Wall assist hand stand pushups. Currently I do this every other day.

    DrummerLittleBrother 12:25
    Is it personal preference to do your push ups with closed fists or is it better for your joints?

    Bikem 14 13:42
    Which exercises are the best to get stronger hamstrings and get better at pistol squats (one legged squat)?

  • Great work man 💪🏻🙌🏻

  • Bro I need your help regarding a pain which I am having on my left abdominal region while doing Leg Raise at the gym… My trainer said due to lack of consuming water it is happening……..
    I wanna know more about this pain coz I can't continue work with this pain…

  • Hi Anthony, it might not work very well with your prosthetic leg, but sprints and razor curls are a beautiful combination to build powerful legs and bulletproof hamstrings.

  • Can't wait for weather to get warmer so I can go to work via bicycle and train outside, unfortunately it's pretty cold and snowing currently in Zagreb, Croatia

  • Thank you for taking the time to review rings. I'm interested in investing in a pair, and would like to further support you and show my gratitude for helping me attain the best shape I've ever been in, so if you post an Amazon affiliate link or similar, I'll gladly use it.

  • Περιμένω από τώρα το βίντεο με τις κριτικές των κρίκων Αντώνη!

  • Περιμένω από τώρα το βίντεο με τις κριτικές κρίκων Αντώνη!