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  • Dude, you wear Oakleys, rock a GMT Master II and drive a Mustang. Me thinks you have good taste! 👍

  • I'm a brand snob for Oakley as well but the shift to a lifestyle brand after the Luxotica purchase has cooled my interest which is fine because my penny, c-wire, and minute glasses are holding up fine.

  • 0:41 "I'm a brand loyalist when it comes to X "

    That's all I needed to know. I had subbed for the watches, but when someone becomes a self-proclaimed marketing tool / fool, I usually unsubscribe. Bye!

  • Damn, these madmans are amazing, designwise. Wouldn't mind getting darkened prescription lenses for these as a fun secondary pair.

  • I’ve been wearing Oakley Holbrooks for about… 5 years now

  • I love Oakley styles and lenses and the brand but hate the complete lack of quality control. 3/3 of my Frogskins are cooked. 4/7 of my Ray Ban are cooked. My Persol are also slightly cooked. They're handmade by people who aren't paid enough to give a shit. Handmade just to give the illusion of quality. The materials are good though, and I guess they have their place in the market. Even Safilo does a better job than Luxottica in quality control.

    I'm a big fan boy of Cutler and Gross. Yes way more expensive but I got a used pair on ebay. I can tell they've been well used but they have hardly any scratches (none on the lenses), are still completely straight and the hinges still have no play in them at all unlike all my Luxotticas.

  • They do make you look like a mad man, that's for sure! I think they are cool!

  • I had a pair each of Juliettes, Oil Rigs and then 2 separate instances of the same back model Canteen back in the day. Good stuff. Now I wear Nike running. It’s just as good but half as much. And half as noticeably ‘loud’, if you will.

  • I love my original x-Metals but I am not a brand loyalist. I must say new ones are are really wild. Thank you for sharing your passion Bruce 🙂

  • Agree with PE below me👌🏼

    I’ve got 21 pairs of Oakley’s(I’ve gotta thing for sun glasses & time pieces, lol) and I’ve got to he very best that they’ve got and ironically some of their older models are my favorite.

    That being said, I’ve also got Mauis and there is absolutely no comparison. As a NSPer(National Ski Patrol), it can be said that up on a mountain when we’ve gotta “run,” well, while maybe not life and death, careening down a mountain full throttle, absolute resolution and vision is a prerogative and no one does it better that MJ.

    I will say that I would put Oakley is the second group Vuarnet, which is saying something cuz price wise, you can buy 2-3+ pairs of Oaks for what a pair of Vuarnets will run ya.

    Style wise I’ve gotta go with Oakley, though for me, optical resolution is #1, 2 & 3 on my list, lol.

    Nice vid Bruce👍

    Very Nicely Played👊


  • Im an Oakley guy too. I have upwards of 8 frames. My fav is the discontinued Monster Doggle. Love them…I have 2 frames. Those Madmans look terrible on my big dome.

  • It's too expensive for my taste, I like my sunglasses cheap and deposable, just like my women

  • I love your videos, but no matter how many times I see your name. In my head I think "ah yes, another video from Bruce Willis" random thought. much love

  • had a pair of lacoste sunglasses when I was in my early 20's but that was the only time I've ever spent decent money on a pair. left them on a restaurant table on holiday and so I just buy cheap ones now. also, I have a giant melon, so i'm kinda stuck with what fits round my humungous cranium!

  • if anyone can pull it off, it's bruce williams

  • Love Oakley but those mad mans are fugly…

  • I had the most painful experience of losing a $300 pair of Juliettes. That loss was due to the canoe flipping during a white water rafting trip.

  • Look good on you better than off
    Never been an oakley fan more maui jim, RM Williams boots also a favourite

  • I've had many Oakleys… but then I got a pair of Maui Jim, that was the end of my Oakley run. Not even in the same galaxy as Mauis.