Lesson 11. Verbs and meanings الأفعال و معناها

Verbs and meanings Read يقرأ I like to read stories Write يكتب I write a letter everyday Eat يأكل I eat an apple everyday Sleep ينام…


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  • Verbs and meanings

    Read يقرأ I like to read stories
    Write يكتب I write a letter everyday
    Eat يأكل I eat an apple everyday
    Sleep ينام I sleep at 9pm every night
    Play يلعب I play soccer every Tuesday
    Run يجري I run every morning
    Walk يمشي I walk to school everyday
    Jump ينط I like to jump on the bed
    Dance يرقص I dance when I’m in a bad mood
    Sing يغني I sing classical songs
    Act يمثل He likes to act, he would grow up to be a famous actor one day
    Fly يطير I wish I can fly
    Throw يرمي I can throw the ball very high
    Catch يمسك He can’t catch the ball
    Kick يشوط He kicks the ball very hard
    Hug يحضن I hug my kids before they go to school every morning
    Kiss يبوس I kiss my children before they go to school every morning
    Travel يسافر I like to travel to Alexandria every summer
    Drive يسوق I drive a Honda
    Swim يعوم I swim really well
    Drown يغرق Don’t leave the baby alone in the tub or he will drown
    Create يخلق I created an application to measure the pollution
    Invent يخترع I invented a heater that works with a solar panel
    Develop يطور I developed a program to read a book online
    Meet يقابل I want to meet the president
    Greet يرحب Mr. Lee is a very nice man, he greets everyone with a smile
    Leave يمشي You need to leave now
    Invite يعزم Danny did not invite me to his party
    Say يقول you can say all you want, I won’t listen
    Talk يتكلم Did you talk to jane last night?
    Spell يستهج How do you spell cat?
    Pronounce ينطق can you pronounce the words correctly?
    Live يعيش I live in New York
    Die يموت No one knows when they will die
    Dye يصبغ I want to dye my hair green
    Blame يلوم You can’t blame Jake for your mistake
    Yell يصوت/ يزعق My neighbor yells at the dog every night
    Scream يصرخ you can’t scream in the library
    Fight يتخانق These two like to fight a lot
    Argue يجادل please, don’t argue with me
    Shout يزعق Shout if you fell in the hole
    Eat يأكل I like to eat apples
    Drink يشرب I don’t drink milk
    Cook يطبخ I like to cook
    Clean ينضف I like to clean
    Vomit يرجع I feel sick, I might vomit
    Cough يكح I cough a lot these days
    Sneeze يعطس I sneeze a lot these days
    Have عندي I have a cold
    Be يكون where have you been?
    See يشوف can you see me?
    Ignore يتجاهل Just ignore him, he is bluffing
    Repeat يكرر can you repeat that again, please?
    Wipe يمسح can you wipe the sink?
    Begin يبدأ I will begin my course tomorrow
    Become يصبح / يبقى He wants to become a famous actor
    Come يأتي I will come with you
    Bend يتني He is so strong, he can bend metal bars
    Bite يعض Some pigs bite if they are hungry
    Attack يهجم Sharks attack when they smell blood
    Bring يجيب Every student should bring 18 gifts for valentine’s day for their class
    Blow ينفخ Can you blow up this balloon?
    Break يكسر He wants to break this stick but he can’t
    Build يبني Engineers can build houses
    Burn يحرق Did you burn your finger with the candle?
    Choose يختار choose the red shirt, it looks nice on you
    Catch يمسك The police will catch the thief
    Buy يشتري I want to buy a dress
    Sell يبيع I want to sell my car
    Dig يحفر Dogs like to dig holes in the ground
    Dive يغطس He can dive up to 200 meters below water surface
    Dream يحلم I dream of angels
    Fall يقع watch your step so you don’t fall
    Feel يشعر I feel sick, I need to go to the doctor
    Search يبحث can you help me search for my umbrella?
    Find يلاقي I will be happy if I find my missing hat
    Forget ينسى you don’t really forgive until you forget
    Forgive يسامح please forgive me
    Try يجرب I will try this machine and tell you my opinion
    Hear يسمع Can you hear that? There is a siren
    Hide يخبي Do not hide any secrets from me
    Hang يعلق I hang my clothes here
    Listen يستمع Listen! Jan is singing
    Keep يحتفظ Keep your legs off the table
    Know يعرف Do you know Mike?
    Leave يمشي It’s getting late, we need to leave now
    Pay يدفع I will pay for this item
    Make يصنع I will make a card for you tomorrow
    Ruin يدمر Don’t touch my painting, you will ruin it
    Send يبعت I send my cousin a card every year
    Stand يقف we stand every morning to salute the flag
    Take يأخذ we take turns to walk the dog
    Think يفكر I think I should leave now, it is getting dark
    Wear يلبس I like to wear a hoodie with a pair of jeans
    Win يكسب I win every game
    Understand يفهم I understand Spanish but I can’t write it
    Enjoy يستمتع I enjoy singing
    Plan يخطط I plan to travel to china next year
    Practice يتمرن if you can’t drive well, you should practice