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  • Great collection, some of the charms you have I also have! I just subscribed your lovely channel and looking forward for more of your Pandora videos! I also just posted my Pandora collection bracelet video and ring video coming soon! Feel free to check it out if you want!

  • All pf your bracelets are Awesome!!!😍

  • Great vid. I really like your fall bracelet, all of the colours complement each other perfectly and it looks really pretty. 🍁🍁🍁

  • I much prefer the christmas bracelet in tradicional Red, think it looks better, the blues are gorgeous together on the other bracelet, great video

  • Yay!!!!! So excited when I saw you uploaded a new video!!! I always look forward to them! You got the Disney clutch and navy too! So happy you were able to get one! Interesting you had to buy the limited edition charm. In Canada, you could buy $150 worth of Disney charms.

    LOVE the fall inspired bracelet and your Christmas and winter bracelets! They look stunning. I'm really thinking about getting the open bangle…especially during that promo they have going on, this Black Friday!!!

    It's great to see other Pandora lovers that have the odd bead (from another brand) on their bracelet! I'm glad I'm not the only one, hehe. We're soo loyal to Pandora, but when you find that perfect charm…you really can't say no! Chamilia has a unicorn charm that I have my eye on! It is so cute!!!!

  • I have about 6 of the Pandora ornaments. They are some of my prized possessions lol I hang all of them high on my tree. You could also get a ornament holder. That sits on a table top for more stability.

  • Hi you could put it in a centre piece for christmas or put it on the fire place or put it on a garland, its gorgeous, youre so Lucky you can get that charm, its not available in the canary islands where i live, enjoy

  • Omgg I can't wait to get the Rockettes charm. I see the Christmas show every year!! And Rue La La is having a sale? And I get paid on Friday?! There goes another check 😩

  • you should put a nail on your wall ang hang the ornament