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  • Ok. I now understand 🙂 thank you

  • Yes this is often the case, a spirit will come who has the same loves as what we do.

  • wow!! so I attracted him in my life because I like trees?? 🙂 thanks for the help

  • He will come to you if he wishes to, he did smile to show he was friendly. They sometimes go because you mighjt be ablke to see them but not hear then yet. We all have a few spirit guides and often some helpers, not all spirit guides stay our entire lifetime, but helpers are more free to come and go as they please. Well it might well of been he come this way because you spoke to the tree you have an iffinity with them.

  • Thank you so much for the advice:-) I really do love nature a lot actually… so much that I've tried to communicate telepathically with a tree in my back yard one time. lol. That was quite an intro from this helper though. We met on a small island on the seashore during the meditation. Should I try to look for him there again and get to know him? And why do we have helpers in the spirit world?

  • The first bit of advice is never be scard, it attract negativity, always stay clam and positive, even you you end the meditation. I do not think he is a spirit guide, he is one of your helpers, it seem he is very much in touch with nature and trees, spirit can show themselves to you in any form they wish to. It was just an introduction, he might be there again at another time. You might wonder why tis spirit come to you, it might be that you love nature or trees yourself.

  • Can a spirit guide have a tree like figure? I was doing a spirit guide meditation and I saw a tree like man. He was smiling at me from a distance and then he came in front of me. He was tall and dark skin. I asked him if he was my spirit guide and he turned away…. I was kind of scared of him so I stopped the meditation. Any advice? Thanks for the video 🙂

  • @Quay1962 I am on facebook already. Yes I looked at the GF quickly, i have listed to some of their video and some are good some not so good. but still not of that great an interest to myself.

  • No no wasnt saying u should join FB the other post on the other vid is of major importance please when u are not too busy do look at the galactic fed site..k?

  • @Quay1962 Thank I looked quickly but it is not really my interest, ty anyway <3

  • HI Quay, thanks you! I am please you are enjoying my videos and have found your awakening and calling. L&L Shep

    Δ I love ur videos and I just want U to know that U are the best! I send all the new B's ur direction and I am so glad Spirit led me to U upon my awakening last September? Blessings in the love and Light <3 = a heart on facebook lol Namaste

  • @tainorebelde1 Yes spirit can show themselves in any form they wish to. So this is how you saw this spirit.

  • Have you heard of apparitions like the one I described?

  • Good friend…when I was about 7 or 8 years old…a "spirit" touched me in the middle of the night- woke me up by tapping my left arm- did it 3 times. On the third time I as startled and looked- it was short- it glowed with a reddish color, but it looked like one of those "aliens" people claim they see. Its eyes were HUGE and they were like flames of fire- I jumped of fear and screamed- it jumped and "pushed" itself under the bed. My mom came and prayed with me- stayed until I fell asleep.

  • @ANarrowBridge Hi Sandra, ty your most welcome 🙂

  • Shep- was happy to see you back with your peace and love plaques….! Great vblog…as usual… i love to learn…sandra

  • @snakephoenix619 Glad you enjoyed it… I ost likely got your messages, I do not always have time to reply and sometimes delete messages if I do not have time. Sorry I try to read them all.