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  • This is so lovely 💜 you guys remind me so much of me and my bf. Long distance dates are so fun 🙂 Keep going and don't give up🎀💜

  • you two should try to watch shows together! you wouldn’t have to count down and you can chat at the same time!! give it a shot hehe.

  • just get married already :’(((

  • I'm in a long distance and I definitely related to a lot of things y'all said. It's helped our relationship grow, and I feel like it's a blessing and it's taught me so much. I love you both!!!

  • My man lives with me and I’m still here sitting through this fifteen minute ldr advice video

    I really enjoy you two as two separate individuals but even more so as a pair💕✌🏼

  • It's weird seeing mina jealous she doesn't seem like the jealous type. But I guess everyone does get jealous. What happened to y'all being able to mess around with other people is that off of the table?

  • I do the same thing with my boyfriend about pressing play at the same time on netflix and we only live 20 minutes appart

  • Mina and Edwin! You said count down and press play at the same time but there's this app called rabbit designed so you can watch series, YouTube, whatever together! Y'all should try it

  • You guys should play Don't Starve Together, it's cute, creepy & so much fun as a multiplayer game !!

  • “not have a boyfriend that tells you about the good deals he’s found” that’s honestly so edwin i can’t

  • I watch these videos even tho I can't relate lol

  • I had a long distance relationship and he was scared of travel (which later turned out to be just laziness) so I had to travel each weekend for 6 hours and we just hung out more then go on dates. I did t love him anymore after 3,5 months (not long but besides the point) and he stalked me for 4 months after and stuff. I still get nightmares of what he was capable to do sometimes and I hate it. Anyone have tips?

  • Lol I love how Edwin just inserted a sexy song when he started talking about sexual chemistry 😂

  • I’m single, have no interest in dating and refuse to have a long distance relationship. lol but I think you guys are adorable so here I am. ❤️

  • I love you guys so much you guys are so cute together

  • Ugh what good timing .. my boyfriend is leaving from a 2 week visit on Tuesday and I’m starting to get those post visit blues. We have been together for 3 years.. I’m in Boston MA and he’s in Belgium. It’s so hard sometimes .. I’m so happy you guys are spreading awareness about LDRs though .. so many people think this kind of relationship is a joke or not legit. I always feel like people who feel that way clearly have never been in love because true love can withstand distance and still be strong.

  • My boyfriend just arrived from England today 😊 love you guys!

  • I think the hardest part for me in a long distance relationship as an adult is that when you meet in person again you live with each other like you've got a place together. I mean, prior to Mina going home you two had been living together for months. You both became part of the furniture. You become family when you start living together, and it's so heartbreaking that you're both away from your family so much.

    Usually when you first start dating someone you take your time to get to that stage, so you're used to having your space to yourself and doing your own stuff. It becomes more serious over time, so you begin to accept that person into every bit of your life slowly.
    You two have lived together as a couple, and you've worked sooo well. Some people are lovely together until they start living together…but you two have thrived in it. To me, it does prove that you're both in it for the long haul. You've gone through a huge amount of trials and tribulations in such a small amount of time. You're both truly made for each other.

    I can't wait until you both finally get to make that next step and get your own place. It's going to be beauts.

  • just use rabbit or netflix party instead of counting down.