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  • dam i wished you would keep the "taters whats tayters? PO-TA-TO bit 😀

  • You should react to "The Lord of the Rings trailer (Avengers Infinity war style)" after you watch all the movies.Its really good and you'll like it,

  • great reaction 🙂

  • Watch The hobbit movie , It’s awesome loom like Lord of the Ring

  • It's interesting that Andy Serkis just supposed to do voice of Gollum for couple weeks, but then they came up with an idea of him in the motion capture costume and now he's known as motion capture specialist

  • Your mom is very nice! You all seem like nice people! Keep doing what your doing guys! 💙

  • I can't wait until the host of these videos watches something truly epic that she has never seen before, while also being joined by the other 2 ladies

  • What may well surprise some people but is fun to consider is that saruman Gandalf and the balrog are all members of the same order of being. Lesser servants of the gods of middle earth.

  • Did they watch Pirates of the Carribean? I think they are great movies (first 3 especially).

  • Can you react to the Hobbit series after this? It takes place before Lord of the Rings and focuses on Bilbo.

  • I find the scene of theoden crying over theodred to be one of the saddest in the trilogy. Amazing acting by Bernard hill

  • You realy feel anyone could be killed.

  • Ah Eowyn. I fell in love with her.

  • The flag in Rohan flying away was actually not planned. It was extremely windy in that valley, The actors went with it when it happened and the director liked it.

  • Gandolf's Supervisor, lolll.

  • Have you ever thought of reacting to The Hunger Games movies?

  • Speaking of multiple roles, John Rhys-Davies (Gimli) also viced Treebeard.

  • The LOTR books are where so many things like D&D came from. He invented Orcs, and so many things like interpretations of elves, dwarves, goblins, etc.

  • Some trivia: Shadowfax is a descendant of the Mearas, a long-lived race of horses regarded as the greatest horses of Middle-Earth. He used to belong to Theoden, but he was too wild to be tamed until Gandalf came along, asking for a horse to ride to Rivendell after his imprisonment in Orthanc. Theoden allowed him to take any horse he wanted, and Gandalf tamed and rode off with Shadowfax, much to Theoden's displeasure. Theoden eventually officially gives Shadowfax to Gandalf.

  • I love this family dynamic.

    Dawn is like the fun youngest sibling* that forces the rest of the family to take part in her fun goofy (nerdy) stuff that they never ever made time for in their lives before.
    Reminds me a lot of my family and my siblings.

    (*not sure if you're the actual youngest, but you guys seem to have that sort of dynamic.)

  • I had always thought for some reason this was daughter, grandmother, mother. But apparently it's daughter, mother, and Kim… Who is Kim exactly? Friend of the family?

  • Just curious, is there anyone here who is watching the movies with them and have never seen LOTR before? If so, how are you liking it? ;o

  • You guys are watching the Extended Versions right? 🙂

  • Hey storm Akima I am gonna say it again you can do 15 minutes when reacting to movies and still have it be fair use.

  • Love for you an your mom an grandma to watch COCO , don't know if you all have seen it already, love to see your reaction on this amazing piece of art

  • thank you so much for this, lotr teration is the best you have done by far

  • The fight between Gollum's two personalities is easily my favorite scene in the entire trilogy. The sheer joy he experiences once he's banished his evil side makes everything else that happens to him so heartbreaking.

  • I guess I saw a different version. Don't remember the lady singing right after the son of the kind died in the one I saw. Really liked it though. Love the series. Crazy watching Bob from Stranger things, then seeing how young he was in this. Time flies.

  • Gandalf's Supervisor: Gandalf, I noticed you forgot to include the new cover sheet on your TPS report again.

  • It's so damn good. Everytime i watch i love more.

  • One of the greatest sins in Oscar history is that Bernard Hill was denied a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his role as Theoden in The Two Towers.

  • Love the videos girls! I was wondering if you’d consider reacting to the new Cobra Kai series? Think you’d like it

  • Just so you know there is no "10 minute" rule. It's a myth. Did any studios contact you directly and tell you this? Reactions do not fall under fair use regardless of how long they are. Legitimate commentaries, reviews and parodies fall under fair use. Simply watching a movie/TV show for entertainment value is not protected by fair use. And the talk before and after doesn't make them commentaries. Luckily, the studios like Disney, HBO, CW, etc. ALLOW reactions as long as it's out on Blu-ray/DVD when it comes to movies. Many Japanese companies do not. For instance, for video games EA allows their games to be used in monetized videos on YT. Nintendo (Japanese) does not unless you register for their Creator Program (in which they take a big cut of your ad revenue). It has nothing to do with them being under 10 minutes. If any studio didn't want you using their material (outside of legitimate fair use) they could block them even if all you had was 30 seconds.

  • Storm, you have got to do a music video of your sister Kim's reactions with all of the times that her leg went up!!! Leg up, gasp out!!!!! 🤗😆😋😉

  • Kim has her hair down today!!!

  • So I've been trying for 4 years now to get my mom to start watching The Walking Dead. And you ladies are my inspiration for that lol. I would be cool if she watched Game of Thrones with me also but I feel like walking dead would be much easier for her to follow as far as the story. That's the whole point my mom the whole time I was growing up was addicted to soap operas and Walking Dead is a giant bloody soap opera where people die left and right and break your heart and she would love it but she can't get by all the blood and gore how do you ladies do it?

  • Want already the next part of ^________^

  • Maybe after LOTR you can check out Merry's other big adventure, LOST.

  • @Storm Akima
    If you do Star Wars please begin with the either the Original Trilogy or Rogue One followed by the Original Trilogy. Then watch the Prequel Trilogy, and then the Sequel Trilogy.
    More importantly is that you watch the right version of the Original Trilogy. I highly, highly, highly recommend Adywan's Revisited. Harmy's Despecialised Edition is also a good alternative. I'd suggest Adywan's for A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, and Harmy's for Return of the Jedi. They can easily be found by googling them and reading the instructions. It might be an idea not to tell the audience in your videos which version you watched as they are unofficial edits.
    The reason you should watch these versions over the official versions, such as the 2011, 2004 and 1997 versions (the Speciak Editions), is that the official versions have been tampered with. They have been edited by Lucasfilm since release in a way that disrupts and spoils the movies for new viewers. Not only does Adywan's Revisited eliminate most of these spoiled changes, but he edits the films in a way that modernises them. Harmy's Despecialised on the other hand eliminates the all Special Edition changes entirely, but makes no attempt at modernising for newcomers.
    I really hope you take this route for your own enjoyment. 😁

  • Oh man, Theoden's grief kills me 😭